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David Tan
25 April 2010 @ 10:13 pm
Life is a caged bird. A rebellious, uncanny and inscrutable feathered friend. One day, it will just break out of its prison, a mere illusionary deterrent, and chase after the horizon, never pledging even a glance back to those it left behind. You will never be able to tell when the time has come for it to spread its wings. Sometimes, there are telltale signs. In the end though, you realise that predicting the next flight ranks as challenging a task as looking into the future.

Life is fleeting. Here today, gone tomorrow. And all without even a blink.

Lately, I have the miserable privilege of living the life from a drama script. In no more than a month, I would have attended the funeral of a fellow colleague and heard of the passing of a primary schoolmate.

And there I was thinking the biggest loss in the world was a few good senior colleagues of mine leaving for greener pastures. The difference of a farewell and a goodbye.

If I were a wrinkly old geezer, there would be little to fret. But there better be some reasonable karmic balancing act somewhere to have justified the taking of two young people, both with the world ahead of them. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Ambitions and dreams never to grow.

I was taken aback, and remain so now. Any notion that I had hit a comfort zone had vanished, vaporised by the harsh tune of reality. There is no such thing as a comfort zone. Things change. The world changes. The only thing certain is that there is nothing certain in this life that we lead.

It got me thinking about my priorities, my life thus far and my future. Living the life now never seemed more true. Every second gone is one that never comes back.

I'll not claim to be either of the two's best buddies, nor could I ever say that I made too much effort to invite them into my everyday life. Still, every grain of sand has a role and place in the great pyramids. So long as our paths had crossed before, I'll never feel any less to the time that was spent together.

When the tape stops, the only thing left to do is to rewind. Reruns do grow stale, and you keep thinking how it could have been better. I could have known them better too.

In the end, every loss in life has a meaning, an agenda attached. If a picture paints a thousand words, such news resonates a thousand souls. At the very least, I can count myself as one of the fortunate few, out of the billions in the planet, to have known them.

To IS and TSL, may you rest in peace. It has been a privilege and a pleasure, however short, to have met you.

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David Tan
16 February 2010 @ 02:27 am
Dear Mr. Fate,

Hi man! How have you been? It has been awhile since we last wrote. I hope Cupid hasn't been giving you trouble since V-Day just passed. He tends to get trigger happy this time of year. I trust you should be doing fine. After all, you are the master of all living being's life. It'd really blow if you couldn't plan your own schedule. LOL.

Just playing there pal, don't go screwing up my life chart now.

You know I don't usually write unless I have a lot up my mind. It tends to happen around festive periods, when there is so much love in the air, it breaks down my logical self and merges it with my emotional self. Thus, a masterpiece is born!

I call it, 'Erational'. A mix of rationality, laced with emotions. The likeness of sound to 'irrational' is purely coincidental, though perhaps not entirely inappropriate.

I am sure you know (since you pretty much wrote all the autobiographies for mankind) that there comes a stage in a man's life when he is awakened to a new set of priorities and goals. Often, it hits them like a wave, shattering their invulnerability and reminding them of their mortality. Suddenly, egomaniacs and foolhardy happy-go-luckys are forced to consider more than just the next adrenaline pumping activity they have in mind. Some females might call this 'maturing', judging by their constant jibes at the male's 'childishness'.

I experienced this lately. Going back to my dad's hometown and seeing all the siblings gather for that annual 'performance report' puts into perspective how I would like mine to be. Granted, I have but one brother, so there's no real contest going on. Yet, I was flooded by these images of what I wanted my 'performance report' to sound like.

Uncles and aunts spoke of their kid's achievement. They spoke of their own. Investments. Career progression. Business growth. Relationships.

So far I have followed the path laid before me. Occasionally sneaking off for a little smelling of the roses, but mostly staying true to the auto-pilot function. I was born with a great skill called 'flexibility', you definitely made sure of that, in order for me to get the best out of a one-way street with no junctions.

Usually, I have no qualms with this arrangement. You could say I have faith that you have planned everything to precision point for me, and all I have to do is live that life. However, things have changed.

Maybe you planned it. You planned that in some point in time, the road diverges. I trust they eventually still reunite at a later stage of the path, but perhaps you thought that it was part of my growing process that I took a stab at it and see where it got me too. Failsafe will be aplenty, ready to knock me back to the original track when the time comes. Meanwhile, I believe what I need is courage and the surety to pick one and go.

I feel like the main character of a video game, and that the course has been set. It is just that now the world map is open for me to explore all the mini-quests and side-quests, at least until I decide to knock on the final boss' door.

I have a fair bit of serious thinking to do, more than all the child's play I have been convinced to treat as 'serious thinking' before this. We will see how things play out in the end.

Or correction. I will see how things play out in the end. You'll just sit by gleefully waiting to see the look on my face.

Technically, you probably already know. But humans do still surprise you, don't they?

Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year! I'll write again soon. :)


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David Tan
31 December 2009 @ 12:01 am
In precisely 24 hours, 2010 is ushered in while we bid farewell to 2009. (Yes, so what if I manipulated the timing of my update :p) As the hour draws closer, an emotion grows. Is it sorrow, for a year wasted? Is it excitement, for a new chapter? Is it melancholy, for the memories? Is it impatience, for a goal beyond 2010?

For me, it is usually a mixed basket of fruits. This was evident when I just could not bring myself to accomplish a simple list of work tasks today. My mind wandered. It seemed to hold a grudge on the hours spent occupied. Before another 365 days is signed off, this mind needed to run free. Sprints through memory lanes, leaps across chasms of doubts and uncertainties, flights through clouds of dreams. The wanderlust would only cease at the stroke of midnight.

Then, 2009 Wookie, as we know it, will cease to exist. Soon, we repeat the similar cycle. Chinese New Year, work, parties, events, trips, new faces, old friends, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. For all the routines we humans put ourselves into, is it all worth it? Are we not wasting the precious seconds by being so deterrent to change, resistant to all things foreign?

But I digress. This is supposed to be of a wonderful year before. 2009 might have been a gloomy year in many aspects as our world saw unprecedented problems. Yet, I have to admit to enjoying it. And call me a sucker if you will, I have faith that things will turn for the better.

Meanwhile, I look back and am grateful of the everything in 2009. Unfortunately, I only got Top 5 slots.

Top 5 Best of 2009

The love of my life

Premature? Maybe. Over my head? Possibly. Bliss? Likely. But it does not matter. A very good friend of mine once berated me (over Messenger) about considering too many 'what-ifs'. He was dead right. I choose to live in the present, to have an optimistic eye to the future and a wary ear to past experience. Whatever happens, happens. While we are in it, we should put 110% into it.

I wake up everyday with a warm feeling in my heart and loving thoughts in my mind. I rest my head each day with great hope for the next day. When I am down, she cheers me up. When I cheer her up, it makes me feel appreciated and accomplished. There's give and take, and there's mutual love and understanding. What more can one ask for? I am just so in love with her. :)

Brothers/Sisters in arms

I am an auditor. My work hours are insane. My workload often follow suit.

But I do not fight alone. My colleagues, god bless their souls, are the most engaging and fun people you could have by your side when arrows rain down from the dark clouds. I salute them for their inspiration and cherish them for their company. If not for them, every single one of them, I will not be where I am today.

I shudder to think of the day when I wake up and find all my comrades gone to greener pastures. That day may well spell the end of my journey on the hard trodden path of an auditor.


Unfortunately, I do not necessarily spend the most time with my family. My accomodating household has a habit of leaving everyone to their devices, respecting the concept of independence and a life of your own, except on weekends where at least a couple of hours are shared over dinner or in front of the TV. As the years go by, I begin to appreciate these moments.

My mum is always a strong influence in my life. Grounded, reasonable and level headed, she is responsible for pretty much 70% of my personality. She continues to be a great source of comfort even till this day.

My brother, only one year younger, looks up to me. This motivates me to keep putting in my best, so that I form a respectable benchmark. We are close, so we talk a lot too. While I do not always take his advice, at least he is there to listen.

My dad, ever the queer one of the family. Yet, his heart is at the right place. If naught for ambition and an aging body, he would be the perfect role model for compassion and good old fashioned values.

They form my small but adequate family. I love them all dearly.

Old friends & New faces

I am hardly the most popular person around. Yet, I am blessed with a cluster of good friends. High school maniacs, college crazies and old acquiantances who never ceases to amuse me, and remind me of good times past. Friends like them, you keep forever. Let's keep the events going, okay?

This year also saw me getting to know new faces and discovering new personalities. Sure, I did not click with all of them, but I would never imagine myself hanging out with these bunch if you had asked me 12 months ago. Acknowledging them is one thing. Calling them friend, now that's something to be grateful for. After all, making friends is not as easy as kindergarten anymore. You can't just pledge BFFs over playground activities. It's great to know that new bonds can still be forged.

And the final thing that is best about 2009, is actually that it is ending. I do not say this with bitterness and resentment, but with the respect and acknowledgement for a great 365 days. Every tale has an ending, every year has its countdown. 2009 was many things to many people, and for me, it definitely felt like another stage in life. It is now time for the curtain call, and for 2010 to take its place. It's a chance for better things to come (for some, maybe a fresh beginning, a new start). In the end, a new year means new hope. A blank canvas to start painting with.

I toast to a fantastic new 2009, and to many, many, many more happy years ahead, starting with 2010.

Happy New Year!

May you have the faith to believe in a masterpiece in the making.
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David Tan
30 December 2009 @ 10:57 pm
The above title is no indication of the alcoholic preference of the author.

I am not a beer fan.

But anyways, 2 more days before new year, and if you are going to correct me on my Maths, I say you need to relax a little. I know the 2nd last day before 2010 is about to end. I admit, I said that there were 5 more days to 2010, and I initiated a 5-parter Top 5 series, and I missed yesterday. But that's because I had intended for my last post to be on December 31, and miscalculated by kicking off on Christmas Day.

Sounds confusing? Well, we live and we learn.

And learn I did for 2009. Here is my Top 5 for lesson learnt.

Top 5 Lessons Learnt / Experience Gained

Alcoholic Anonymous

Everyone thinks I drink alcohol like water. I must correct this. If I had drank any water at all during those drinking sessions, I would not have thrice suffered from the after effects. Once, thanks to a bunch of colleagues at the library (certainly not the types you borrow books out), I had to endure at least 3 Flaming Lamborghinis. Now that's insane. The next day was worse.

I believed I have also mentioned about the department trip. Too much booze, no water, and I was sick the next day.

Finally, the coupe de grace at Annual Dinner. Finally, I was drinking alcohol like water, but I hardly remembered the filtering process later on. I was told it involved lots of emission of fluids. Not a good thing. At all.

Lesson: Count the glasses, and make them count!

With new power comes great responsibility

Spiderman had it easy. He can climb walls, shoot web, possess superhuman strength and agility, and that super useful spider sense which warns him of danger. And after all that, his main issue was not being able to pay bills.

I am on the opposite end. I pay my bills, but that's about it. No superpower.

Having said that, the year has seen me take up many roles in my workplace. Mandatory ones like engagement lead, breakthrough ones like staff representative, and legacy ones like event organising. All gave me 'powers' and access to certain privileges. Yet sometimes, these 'powers' seem necessary evil to discharge my responsibilities. The only net gain, after all the dust settles, is the experience which I hope enriches me and prepares me for bigger things ahead.

Lesson: Power begets responsibility

Financial Tuition

The world met with a depressing depression (no pun intended). There was financial chaos everywhere and confidence was lacking in many sectors. Business news highlighted doomsday prophecies every now and then, while newscaster repeats the word 'recession' like it was the new Hollywood scandal.

In chaos, opportunity does arise. I was forced, due to being naturally encapsulated by so much financial information, to understand the abstract idea of economics. Another one of man's genius invention, alongside commerce and capitalism. From the boy whose passion included the latest PS2 game and anime episode, I started to pick up the business news and could survive ad hoc sitting of television news reports. Heck, I was catching CNN and Bloomberg in Mongolia.

While I still dabble in the novice level, I am excited to learn more about this in 2010. All the better if it leads to profitable investments.

Lesson: There's no such thing as the business world. The world means business!


Two years ago, I did not know how to swim nor play the guitar. I wanted to learn, but always never inspired the drive to make those two come true. Two years later, I know both, albeit I won't be winning Olympic medals or rocking concerts, but I can proudly announce that I know.

And it all started with small initiatives like surfing the net for classes. Although nothing immediately materialised from the initial surveys, subsequently opportunities presented themselves. I took them. Now I won't drown in a swimming pool (unless deliberately pulled under) and I can pluck simple tunes.

And to think I used to be afraid to commit to these classes because I was afraid what others might think. DUMB notions!

One step at a time! Next up, my foreign language classes! :p

Lesson: Just do it!

Love Life

The numerous sub-lessons and mini-tuitions from this one incident would have resulted in me writing for at least another two pages. I used to survive fine as the observor to the foreign world known as the Female realm. I come out with assumptions and theories, discuss with my other like minded brothers, and draw conclusions out of wisps of air. Never did I thought to actually wade into the pool and get a more intimate understanding. Of course, I never expected to fall.

But I did. And it was the greatest sensation. I learned to love beyond logic, which is something my mind is not accumstomed too. Sure, there were learning curves, but I admit to have had great help. So far so good. Life never seemed better since then.

Lesson: Love life. Seriously.
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David Tan
27 December 2009 @ 12:43 am
With Christmas gone, and Boxing Day over with, we are now counting down to the New Year. Attempts to reminisce, ponder, reflect and assess 2009 should begin shortly, as humans around the world realise the inevitable truth: that the year is indeed down to its last few days.

Some may start to settle forgotten debts, maybe out of superstition, maybe out of goodwill. Some would begin to measure the completion of their 2009 New Year's Resolution, and seek to invent new ones for 2010. Some would be feeling a little low, having hoped for so much more, but seeing none of it come to fulfilment.

Regardless, 2009 draws to a close, and the key souvenir of the last 361 days are the memories. So, in the spirit of that, I present to you my next list of 'Top 5'.

Top 5 Memorable Parties/Events

Department Trip: Langkawi

The annual department trip. It was my third year in a row, and we were once again whisked off to another beautiful island. This time it was Langkawi, which ever about means only one thing: duty free. Those two golden words led to numerous shopping trips, a lot of booze indulgence and hence a lot of drunken sightings (and scandals!)

I was overly happy on the first day, which made for interesting observation by some who caught me on the phone by the poolside. Unfortunately, I was found missing the next day due to illness. Dehydration, apparently. It must have been divine intervention, because I heard there was a whole lot of binge drinking. I might have been made a drunk casualty.

In the end, it was a balanced trip, and we got to know some of the young uns better. Lots of cheap imported stuff too!

Annual Dinner 2010: Music Video Awards

It would seem that I do not learn my lesson about the dangers of alcohol drinking. Annual dinner, the dinners of all dinners. Stars come out to play and the entire firm is transformed from overworked, tired professionals to bright-eyed, attractive and fun party people.

As much as the event was about photography, it was also about liquid therapy. And I don't mean water. Suffice to say, we turned One World Hotel ballroom into a club.

Unfortunately for me, due to my lack of judgement, I had one too many glasses to down. The result was not felt by me, because my brilliant mind shut down at the point where I would have suffered most. Yet, the effects were witnessed in terror by my family, and perhaps in worry by those who fetched my home. (Shoutout to Raj for saving my butt on this one!).

Regardless, an event to bring together thousand strong of one organisation is an event worth attending, and worth mention. I had fun playing the fool, and if not for the price I had to pay later, it would have been a good night.

Note to self: count the glasses.

College Gang Trip to Frasers' Hill

As tradition and wanderlust would dictate it, me and my faithful band of brothers organise yet another Lepak Trip instalment. This time, we went up to Frasers' Hill for a revisit, albeit a more luxurious revisit. We were privileged to be able to enjoy khaser's perks of a company bungalow, and it was magnificent.

We spent a lot of time whacking ping pong balls and understanding gin rummy. There was also barbeque grilling and lots of slouching around in front of the TV. It brought back memory of the good ol' days and was a fitting breather away from the hustle and bustle of KL.

Looking forward to next year's instalment.


My unexpected return to the land-locked country turned out to be a fateful trip. I was there with a different group, at a different time and on a different assignment. Yet, the feeling remained. The threat to safety at times was daunting, but the liberation was revived once more.

It was the start of something new. What started as a simple repeat assignment trip, ended in the most dramatic fashion, and sparked new chapters in a few paths that I were to take later on.

It was cold, dry and at times scary. But it added another layer to the Wookie you all know today.

Beijing Luxury Trip

The annual family trip is also something to look forward to. Quality and quantity time spent with the family, resulting in much more conversation and pictures. This period is the only time my camera would be working on overtime, taking in the sights.

This round, by supreme order of my dearest mother, we were to remain disciplined in our annual plan to go on a trip. This time, we decided on Beijing. Alas, trips to China often carries the same stereotypes such as bland food, swarm of peddlers and numerous 'shopping' stops. Hence, we moved to one which promised to up the ante, and remove all the mentioned undesirables.

I must say, I was impressed. We were allowed to enjoy Beijing thoroughly, with little exposure to situations that would irk you. Other than this once when the food was insanely spicy, and another where we were allowed to do some bargain hunting amidst aggressive shopkeepers, the tour company definitely delivered.

And so that concludes Part 3. I do love my trips and dinners. Here's hoping 2010 will bring much more of that!
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David Tan
26 December 2009 @ 04:24 pm
I am never really sure what Boxing Day actually signifies or means. I know it is said to be due to all the boxes that people have to clean up after Christmas presents have been exchanged. Still, to name the day after Christmas over a cleanup activity?

Maybe I need to check my sources.

Part 2 of Wookie's Top 5 lists for 2009 begins now.

My Top 5 Massive Movies 2009


Up was like this unheard of rookie that blew my mind away by the sheer shock of discovering what a fine gem had been uncovered. I admit I was sceptical. How can a story about a house tied to millions of balloons with a senior citizen as a lead captivate me? How would I relate to this, Pixar's latest offering, when I am not grayed out yet?

I was made to eat all my doubts and more after the movie. I loved it. The opening sequence warmed my heart, and watching it with my better half helped tremendously in tying in with the emotion. I am an avid fan to humor, so it also delighted me that the movie was not in shortage of that from its colorful characters.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

From potentially spoiling the movie for myself by watching the leaked, unedited version, equipped with cables and directors' notes in Mongolia, I made the right decision to catch this latest Wolverine flick at the cinema. Always a fan of X-Men since young, I was excited by the inclusion of Gambit in the movie. I had kept a silent grudge against the producers of X-Men 1 - 3 for excluding the smooth-talking, slick card flicker of a mutant.

This movie satiated my appetite for some superpowered mutant action. A diverse cast of mutants dispelled my initial fears that this would be all about Wolverine running around sparring with Sabretooth. Sure, at times it was even too far-fetched, but if logic ever dominated in a movie, it'd be a documentary.

Time Traveller's Wife

Eric Bana seems to get mixed up with a lot of paranormal stuff. We have seen him green with monstrous envy before in The Hulk and also a prince in Troy, albeit a dead one, and now he is a guy with a gene deformity.

That sends him hurling around the time continuum uncontrollably. Sucks to be him. What I liked about the show was that the time traveller was a normal dude. His 'superpower' was nothing superhero-ish. He could not control it, and it gave him hell. So for a romance to spark from it, a love that survived, quite literally, the test of time, I guess there's a silver lining in every cloud.

The family, futility of time and life challenges theme were seamlessly embedded into a story with just enough fiction to pique one's interest. This makes for a good sitting, especially if shared with a significant other.


This choice is illegal. Technically, I have not watched the show. However, so far, I have heard enough to squeal like a little girl if you ask me to go watch it.


Still, Avatar promises to be filled with superb animation eye candy, boast flawless motion capture acting, present a plot built from scratch in terms of new world, new race, new creatures and even new language, and hint at a hidden message that, if discovered, completes the appreciation for a movie delayed for many years thanks to the lack of technology.

I am definitely going to watch this, and I doubt it will change my verdict.

Monsters v Aliens

A shock inclusion? Not if you, like me, enjoy a good laugh once in awhile. Better if all that goofy stuff is packaged in a fictional plotline. Monsters joining forces to save Earth and kick some alien butt? The adorable Insectosaurus which I now have as my desktop background? Count me in!

Stop laughing at my fascination with Insectosaurus! It has a Facebook! That's how popular it is!

Enough wackiness. Part 2 of 5 done. Next up tomorrow. Wookie signing out.

Happy BOXING Day!
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David Tan
25 December 2009 @ 12:17 am
Christmas. That time of the year where the television is filled with nothing else but feel good movies. All about family getting together, goodwill and peace, Santa and presents, bright lights and laughter, turkey and eggnog. 5 days later, we have the New Year. All about new beginnings, a new cycle, a whole set of new numbers.

2010. Kinda has a ring to it.

I have been neglecting the Blogverse for quite a bit. I admit, I have been occupied with other activities. At times, the inspiration just isn't there. I seem to have also hit a writer's block of sorts. Sometimes, I am so pumped up about something, but after the effort of plugging on my PC and logging on, the intensity wears down. Maybe it's my new attitude to Life, that sometimes things just happen for a reason.

Anyways, 5 days beginning from Christmas, I am going to run a Top 5 series for 2009, going all the way to New Year's Eve. I am going to try all I can to keep to this. I work better with structure, so coming up with lists is the best way for me to finish 2009 (blogwise) with a bang.

Without further ado!

My Top 5 Raving Music for 2009

Good Girls Go Bad - Cobra Starship

This sound is simply too catchy to be true. I heard it once and thought nothing of it. But after a brief encounter with the MTV, which forced me to focus on the full song (where previously I just dabbled in it from time to time in the car), I then couldn't shake it off my head. There's something about Leighton Meester's voice that caught me, and then the funky tune just sold me.

Love Story meets Viva La Vida - Jon Schmidt

I think awhile back, while I was still toiling away in Mongolia, I was introduced to this piece of magic by a friend via Facebook. I was immediately hooked. Always a sucker for piano pieces, the conversion of this addictive fairy tale song injected the right amount of fantasy, romance and tenderness to the song. The accompanying cello was also a nice base for the entire melody. This song kept me going in Mongolia.

Just Dance - Lady Gaga

I have to admit, this song is starting to get a little repetitive to me. Nevertheless, back then, the beat was contagious. I would go near clubs and expect to hear this song playing, otherwise I'd make a quick and brutal assessment that the club stank. Subsequently, the other of Gaga's pieces had the tendency of staying in your head too long as well, but we always pay homage to the first one that did it all.

陈孟奇#姚惠敏 --- 我们的爱

Surprised by the mandarin characters? Well, I could be a little biased with this pick. However, even before the significant influence to my life that made this song even more meaningful to me, my usual logical and apathetic self lost its battle to retain composure upon hearing this tune. The OST for the "Wedding Game" movie which aired during the Chinese New Year period, this song utilised the soothing melody of Ave Maria, peppered simple lyrics and got a duet going on. Typical of mandarin love songs, but effective all the same. At least for me.

Live Like We Are Dying - Kris Allen

To be frank, I hear no difference. But since we are talking about releases in 2009, I felt safer to keep to Kris' adaptation, since it is still pretty recent. I like the lyrics of this song. It really breathes 'LIVE NOW'. A message I hope to adopt with even greater effect in 2010!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes my Top 5 tunes for 2009 for Wookie. I definitely have honorable mentions, but far too many to list here. For an overall music fan, 2009 has been a great year in bringing in superstars like Lady Gaga, Pitbull and Cobra Starship for their catchy tunes, while also having starlets like Taylor Swift and Colbie Cailat to still leave us with some ballads to croon to. Veterans like Black Eyed Peas and those rock bands out there continue to prove their worth too.

Well, Part 1 of 5 is done. Wookie, signing out.

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David Tan
15 November 2009 @ 10:49 pm

Words fail to emulate the excitement and adrenaline rush when I chanced upon this trailer.

I know what I'm going to suggest the next time my crazy gang of friends ask what to do on a weekend.

I'm going shooting zombies...
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David Tan
12 November 2009 @ 12:44 am
They say the first impression, being the most lasting preliminary assessment of a person, object or place within the first few seconds of initial acquiantance, is the most important.

I tend to agree. How many of us have been a victim to such circumstances? A bad hair day; an introvert personality; a slurred word out of context; a button out of line; a bias born of uncertainty; stereotyping, all seemingly perfect reasons for an individual to rate another poorly or negatively.


We are gifted with higher intelligence and empathy. And yet, we will write-off a beautiful alabaster wall within miliseconds, because on this most unfortunate of unfortunate days, a speck of dust had to land on the pristine wall. We cry imperfection, we offer comparisons, and we convince ourselves that there has to be an inherent flaw for the wall to have invited such impurity onto its otherwise perfect facade.

We are afraid. We are paranoid that there isn't enough time to get to know the wall better, and every other wall after that. We make assessments on the go, and criticise on the double.

Lions and other predators are afraid. They are paranoid that there isn't enough time to get to know the antelope better, and every other prey after that. They make assessments on the go, and decisions on the double.

Humans have long ceased the need to hunt for survival. Agriculture was the greatest survival skill taught. Suddenly, you didn't need split second judgement on when to spring the trap. You nurture the soil, water the seeds and wait patiently as God's bounty present itself from within. What seemed a tiny and insignificant seed, dull and grey, is able to bloom to the most magnificent of wonders. A tree bearing luscious fruits, a delicate flower exuding fragrance, a blade of grass whistling in the wind.

I feel humans found agriculture by accident. Acting on their first impression, they would have tossed the undesirable seed from the juicy flesh of the fruit, unwilling to spare another fibre of their precious mind to its existence.

The seed proved them all wrong. A large tree offered shade and nourishment for generations to come. Sturdy and tall, it stood proudly against all odds.

We say beauty is skin deep, never judge a book by its cover and other mumbo jumbo to disspell this addictive ailment that is first impression. Yet, we continue to indulge in it.

While simple beasts had learnt long ago that first impression counts as nothing, as the young prey could be better at escape, even as they may not run faster than an adult prey, humans continue to chase these illusions to no avail.

Humans. You can only watch them silently and sigh at their fallacy. When they stop running, hopefully they will notice the seed on the floor, and the beauty that they stand to miss, because of a lousy first impression.
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David Tan
25 October 2009 @ 09:15 pm

Have you ever made someone cry before?

Now, I don’t mean being mean and nasty to someone, resulting in hurt feelings and gushing tears.

And I certainly do not mean self mutilation or destruction to the point of disappointing your loved one, or just breaking their hearts.

I mean touching their lives. Giving them the best surprise of their life. Watching teardrops of joy, and not sorrow.

You know what that feels like? You know the warm feeling that tingles across your very soul when something like that happens?

Well, I had the wonderful privilege of experiencing that on Friday. It took some effort, plans made since a month ago, a dash of faith from all the initial hiccups, and a lot of determination. All sweat and trials aside, the result far, far compensated for all the hard work.

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Because it is moments like this, basking in the warmth of friendship (and perhaps a little glee in having whipped up one heck of a pleasant surprise), that one is truly convinced in the art of giving, and in the sheer pleasure of receiving. The look of happiness, the laughter shared, and the satisfaction of a job well done. No money in the world would buy those things for you (although money did buy the means to the result).

I am proud to say that I made someone cry recently.

With the help of more than just a handful of people: some pretending to be all tough and emotionless, some clueless to the significance of their simplest of gesture of contributing funds; all suckers for happy endings, because the world needs more of those.

*The author highly advocates the exercise of making people cry happy tears.*

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